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November 12, 2011
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Santa's Toy Monster Attacks by whysoawesome Santa's Toy Monster Attacks by whysoawesome
Merry Christmas, DA!

For my 2011 Christmas Card, I decided to go with a design involving Santa Claus sicking his toy monster on a naughty kid.

This piece was by far this most ambitious piece I've ever done. I looked back and saw that I posted my first draft of this piece in my DeviantArt scrapbook on June 29th, and I've just completed it finally on November 12th... Dang.

I am really proud of this piece, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

You can also view a progress video to see how this piece came together over on you tube: [link]

Thanks To:
-- A Blanket of Snow by ~midnightstouchSTOCK (reference)
-- frecklebrush by ~Dojang (PS freckle paintbrush)
-- SNOW PS7 Brushes and IMG Pack by ~KeepWaiting (PS snow flake paintbrush)
-- THe Valley of Childhood Toys by ~MGrigsbyArt (toy ideas... check this out. similar idea and AWESOME execution)

On the subject of the toys, after hours and HOURS of googling, wracking my brain, and soliciting ideas from friends and family I've incorporated the following 200 toys to make up Stanta's toy monster... Enjoy!

1. Adam Bomb (Garbage Pail Kid)
2. Aladdin (Disney)
3. Alf (Alf)
4. All-Star Snork (The Snorks)
5. Ang (Avatar)
6. Animal (Muppets)
7. Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
8. Atari Joystick (Atari)
9. Barbie (Mattel)
10. Barbie Dream Car (Mattel)
11. Bart Simsons (The Simpsons)
12. Baseball
13. Basketball
14. Batman (Batman: Animated Series)
15. Batmobile (Super Power Collection)
16. Battlecat (He-Man)
17. Beach Ball
18. Bebop (Ninja Turtles)
19. Bernie Kosar (Starting Line-Up)
20. Bert (Sesame Street)
21. Big Wheel Bike
22. Biker Scout (Return of the Jedi)
23. Brak (Space Ghost)
24. Bucky O'Haire (Bucky O'Haire)
25. Bumblelion (Wuzzles)
26. ButterCup (Powerpuff Girls)
27. Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)
28. Cabage Patch Kid
29. Captain Planet (Captain Planet)
30. Castle Greyskull (He-Man)
31. Catwoman (Batman: Animated Series)
32. Cera (The Land Before Time)
33. Chatter Phone (Fisher Price)
34. Cheer Bear (The Care Bears)
35. Chip (Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers)
36. Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe)
37. Cookie Monster (Sesame Street)
38. Cooties (Milton Bradley Game)
39. Copper Kid (Silver Hawks)
40. Cowboy Boot
41. Cozy Coupe (Little Tikes)
42. Dale (Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers)
43. Donatello (Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles)
44. Doozer (Fraggle Rock)
45. Dr Zaius Bank (The Planet Of the Apes)
46. Dr. Zoidberg (Futurama)
47. Droll, the Bogglin (Bogglins)
48. Dump Truck (Tonka)
49. Edith (My dog)
50. Ernie (Sesame Street)
51. ET (ET: The Extra-Terrestrial)
52. Etch-A-Sketch (Ohio Art Company)
53. Figment (Disney's Epcot)
54. Foot Soldier (Ninja Turtles)
55. Gak (Nickelodean Toys)
56. Game Boy (Nintendo)
57. Gamorian Guard (Return of the Jedi)
58. Gargamel (Smurfs)
59. Genie (Aladdin)
60. Gizmo (Gremlins)
61. Glo Worm (Glo Worms)
62. Godzilla (Godzilla)
63. Great Garloo (Marx Toys)
64. Green 'Erin' Bear (Beanie Baby)
65. Gumbie (Gumbie)
66. Harry Potter Book (J.K Rowling)
67. He-Man (He-Man)
68 He-Man's Power Sword (He-Man)
69. Hello Kitty (Sanrio)
70. Huey, Dewey, & Louie (Duck Tales)
71. Hulk Hogan (WWF Wrestling Buddies)
72. Hypnotaod (Futurama)
73. Iron Giant (The Iron Giant)
74. Jabba the Hutt (Return of the Jedi)
75. Jack Skelington (Nightmare Before X-mas)
76. Jack-In-A-Box
77. Jem (Jem & the Holograms)
78. Kermit (Muppets)
79. Kermit With Stocking Ornament (Muppets)
80. Krang (Ninja Turtles)
81. Lady Lovely Locks (Lady Lovely Locks)
82. Laser Tag Gun & Chest Sensor
83. Leg Lamp (Christmas Story)
84. Lite Brite (Hasbro)
85. Little Foot (The Land Before Time)
86. Little Miss Sunshine (Roger Hargreaves)
87. Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear (Toy Story 3)
88. Magic 8-Ball (Alabe Crafts Company)
89. Max (Where the Wild Things Are)
90. Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)
91. Micky Mouse (Disney)
92. Milton (Milton Bradley's Electronic Game)
93. Mojo Jojo (Powerpuff Girls)
94. Mr. Bill (SNL)
95. Mr. Bucket (Hasbro Game)
96. Mr. Potato Head (Hasbro)
97. Mr. T (The A Team)
98. Mumm-Ra (ThunderCats)
99. My Buddy Doll (Hasbro)
100. My Little Pony (My Little Pony Tails)
101. My Pet Monster (American Greetings)
102. Nerf Turbo Football (Nerf)
103. Nerf Vortex Football (Nerf)
104. Niddler (Pirates of Dark Waters)
105. NES (Nintendo)
106. Operation (Milton Bradley Game)
107. Optimus Prime (Transformers)
108. Orange 'Puzzle' Popple (The Popples)
109. Orcko (He-Man)
110. Paddington Bear Doll (Michael Bond)
111. Panthro (ThunderCats)
112. PeeWee Herman (PeeWee's Play House)
113. Peter Rabbit Doll (Beatrix Potter)
114. Pikachu (Pokémon)
115. Pink 'Pinky' Flamingo (Beanie Baby)
116. Pizza Planet Alien (Toy Story)
117. Play-Doh (Hasbro)
118. Poké Ball (Pokémon)
119. Polka-Dot Elephant (Rudolph Claymation)
120. Pound Puppy (The Pound Puppy)
121. Pull-a-Tune Xylophone (Fisher Price)
122. R2-D2 (Star Wars)
123. Rafiki (Lion King)
124. Raggedy Ann Doll (Johnny Gruelle)
125. Rainbow Brite (Hallmark Card Company)
126. Rancore (Return of the Jedi)
127. Raphael (Ninja Turtles)
128. Red (Fraggle Rock)
129. Red Ranger (The Power Rangers)
130. Red Rider BB Gun (Christmas Story)
131. Red Wagon (Fisher Price)
132. Ren (Pirates of Dark Water)
133. RoboCop Action Figure (RoboCop)
134. Robot 2000 (Millennium)
135. Rocking Horse
136. Rollar Blade
137. Rollar Skate
138. Rub-a-Dub Doggie (Ideal Toy Company)
139. Rubber Ducky (Sesame Street)
140. Rubber Shark (Safari)
141. Rubix Cube (Ideal Toy Company)
142. Sally (Nightmare Before X-mas)
143. ScrappyDoo (ScoobyDoo)
144. Sega Genesis Controller (Sega)
145. Seven Mystic Dragonballs (Dragonball Z)
146. She-Ra (She-Ra: Princess of Power)
147. Shredder (Ninja Turtles)
148. Simon (Milton Bradley)
149. Sister Bear (The Berenstain Bears)
150. Skeletor (He-Man)
151. Skip-It (Tiger Electronics)
152. Slimmer (The Real Ghostbusters)
153. Slobulus (Madballs)
154. Smurf (The Smurfs)
155. Snake Mountain (He-Man)
156. Snarf (ThunderCats)
157. Snoopy (Peanuts)
158. Snuggle-Soft Bear (Snuggle)
159. Soccor Ball
160. Sock Monkey
161. Sprite (Rainbow Brite)
162. Stacking Rings (Fisher Price)
163. Stay-Puft MarshmallowMan (Ghostbusters)
164. Stimpy (Ren & Stimpy)
165. Strawberry Shortcake (Hasbro)
166. Stretch Armstrong (Kenner)
167. Stuffed Wizard Doll (Delta Force)
168. Super Mario Bros. (NES)
169. Super Soaker 50 (Hasbro)
170. Superman (Superman: Animated Series)
171. T-Rex (Jurassic Park)
172. Talkboy (Home Alone 2: Lost In New York)
173. Tazmanian Devil (Looney Tunes)
174. Teddy Ruxpin (Worlds of Wonder)
175. The Giving Tree (Shel Silverstein)
176. The Great Gonzo (Muppets)
177. Tickle Me Elmo (Sesame Street)
178. Toy Train (Hasbro)
179. Tricycle (Radio Flyer)
180. Troll Doll (Russ Toys)
181. Trunks (Dragonball Z)
182. Turtle Van (Ninja Turtles)
183. Twister Game-Spinner (Hasbro)
184. Two Alphabet Blocks
185. Ursula (The Little Mermaid)
186. Vampire Teddy (Nightmare Before X-mas)
187. Vegeta (Dragonball Z)
188. View Master 3D (Ideal Toy Company)
189. WALL.E (WALL.E)
190. Where the Sidewalk Ends (Shel Silverstein)
191. Wicket the Ewok (Return of the Jedi)
192. Wild Thing (Where the Wild Things Are)
193. Winnie-the-Pooh Doll (A. A. Milne)
194. Wolverine (X-men)
195. Woody (Toy Story)
196. Wooly Willy (Smethport Specialty Co.)
197. Yoda (Empire Strikes Back)
198. Zapper (Nintendo Gun)
199. Zero (Nightmare Before X-mas)
200. Zibbe Owl (Zibbes)

(Waldo is not included... Don't look for him)
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I See Vegta
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I'm a nostalgia freak, and although i just created my deviant art account, this has been one of my absolute favourite drawings i've ever seen in my life for multiple years now, so i had to come by right after i created my account to thank the artist, and leave a comment stating just how much i love it!!!!!
whysoawesome Featured By Owner May 27, 2014
sooo sooooooo nice of you to say!
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shredder, but no tmnt.
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I still have the Littlefoot plush from Christmas of 1989 on top of this creature and it's still quite soft and new-looking, too! :nod:
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